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National Special – California’s Gold (105)

Huell Howser spends this episode travelling to beautiful, natural locations in California along highway 395. Locations of note include the California Poppy Preserve, Big Pine, Yosemite, and Mono Lake. *Note: Due to the age of the original film, a color error is present in the middle of the episode*

Ansel Adams- California’s Gold (10001)

Many people are familiar with Ansel Adams famous landscape photographs of Yosemite, but there is a whole other body of work that is rarely discussed. Huell visits the Los Angeles Public Library to see the “forgotten Los Angeles photographs” taken by Ansel in 1940 for a Fortune Magazine article on pre-war L.A. These photographs were  Continue Reading »

Wawona Hotel, Yosemite-California’s Gold (114)

Huell discovers what it was like to visit Yosemite, including the historic Wawona Hotel, in the 19th & early 20th centuries. 2002.

Yosemite Indian History-California’s Gold (115)

Huell visits a reconstructed village of the Ahwaneechee Indians who have lived in Yosemite and enjoyed the beautiful landscape for thousands of years. 2002

Half Dome- California’s Gold (117)

Huell has the adventure of a lifetime when he climbs Yosemite’s formidable Half Dome. Learn about the history of Half Dome and how hikers are able to climb the icon with a man-made guiding system that is over 100 years old. Join Huell in this one-hour special documenting his 17-mile round trip trek, along with  Continue Reading »

Firefall- California’s Gold (706)

A shout echos through Yosemite… “Let the Fire fall”, and from 1872 to 1969 that’s just what happened. Join Huell at the top of Glacier Point with Nic Fiore who was the last to push a pile of burning embers off the edge, creating the beautiful red hot “waterfall” effect know as Firefall. Then down to the  Continue Reading »

Hard to Get to- California’s Gold (411)

Join Huell on a unique adventure to two of California’s rarely seen natural wonders: the Bristlecone Pine, the oldest, continuously living thing on this planet found in the White Mountains of the Eastern Sierra, and magnificent Le Conte Falls deep in the rocky and steep terrain of Yosemite National Park. Inyo National Forrest 760-873-2500 Yosemite National  Continue Reading »