In 2020, the Student Health Center started offering COVID testing as part of the university’s pandemic management efforts. Release forms signed by all recipients were deemed medical records that needed to be stored based on the university’s Data Retention Policy.

A project was initiated in January 2022 to engage with a digital solution provider to scan the forms to a secure data storage platform.

The project scope included scanning the current backlog of approximately 120,000 paper documents to a secure digital repository organized by date and Chapman ID. Additionally, a process to support the ongoing scanning of documents was established.

 Key benefits

  • Digitizing critical medical forms and eliminating the need to store paper documents
  • Removing 71 banker-sized boxes from two storage sites to free space
  • Eliminating risks associated with storing paper documents
  • Allowing for immediate scanning/uploading of documents
  • Easily search for and locate documents as needed
  • Support for retaining and deleting documents based on Data Retention Policy