Dear Chapman University students,

The Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) team wants to alert you about a sharp increase in fraudulent emails circulating within our community, promising easy pet-sitting and other part-time job opportunities to our students.

As the semester draws to a close, it’s crucial to remain informed and cautious of online scams, particularly fraudulent job offers and phishing attempts. These scams promise easy money for minimal effort through roles like secret shoppers or virtual assistants. After depositing a provided fake check and sending part of it onward as instructed, the check bounces, leaving you financially liable.

Immediate Action Required:

  • Do Not Respond: These communications are phishing attempts. Leveraging compromised Chapman accounts, scammers may request to continue correspondence through external, non-Chapman emails.
  • Report Suspicious Messages: Stay vigilant and report any questionable emails you receive.
  • Verification: Doubtful about an email’s authenticity? Consult the Trending Email Scams page on our website for the latest phishing attempts. If the suspicious email is not listed, please take a moment to report it.
  • Research Thoroughly: Before applying for any job, research the company extensively. Look for reviews, check their website, and verify their contact information. Legitimate companies will have a professional online presence.
  • Do Not Send Money: Never send money to someone who contacts you out of the blue.

More tips for a better security posture:

  1. Enroll in 2-Factor Authentication: Significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your account by signing up for our 2-factor authentication program. Visit the 2-Factor Authentication page for easy enrollment.
  2. Unique Passwords: Avoid using the same password for your Chapman account on other websites. For tips on creating secure passwords, visit our Password Management page.
  3. Scrutinize Unknown Senders: Emails instructing further communication through private (non-Chapman) accounts should be treated with suspicion.

Job Scam/Check Deposit Scam example: 

Decorative image

The Chapman University IS&T team is committed to safeguarding our community against these threats. Your vigilance and proactive measures are vital in this collective effort. Should you have any concerns or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Stay safe and informed,

Chapman University Information Systems & Technology (IS&T)