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Tax Season and Identity Theft – do you know how they relate?

March 28, 2022 by | IS&T

During the tax season, the scammers are hard at work trying to trick people into giving away their information. The same information they would use to steal their victim’s identity and cash on their tax returns. According to the IRS, some of the signs of identity theft are: You get a letter from the IRS

Introducing YuJa Video Platform and Sunsetting of Panopto Transition Update 1

March 24, 2022 by | Technology

Last year, a cross-functional committee evaluated many of the major video content management providers to identify the best product to meet both the academic and administrative needs for video content management and distribution at Chapman University.  The committee has decided to partner with YuJa to provide an all-in-one video experience to create, manage, discover, and

Software and Device Purchasing Guidelines Things to know before buying software or a new device on a PCard

March 10, 2022 by | Technology

Chapman University has specific guidelines for purchasing hardware and software that all staff members and faculty members must follow. These guidelines are in place to protect both the university and the individuals purchasing the products. Below are some quick tips on best practices for faculty and staff considering purchasing any new hardware or software: Important

Creating Accessible Documents for All! March 2022 | New Technologies

March 7, 2022 by | Technology

Campus Community, Having accessible design benefits everyone. It also saves time and effort and can also reduce institutional risk. Moreover, providing an accessible environment for everyone is a vital part of making society more inclusive. It allows people with limited mobility to participate in the community. Finally, having an accessible design will enable people with

Grammarly Premium, Your Awesome Writing Partner February 2022 | New Technologies

February 14, 2022 by | Technology

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing software that helps folks write more effectively. It helps write more clearly, automatically detects grammatical errors, and offers writing suggestions to its users. Aside from improving your writing, Grammarly also enables you to make the most of the reader’s time by delivering the most accurate and understandable messages.  Grammarly is

Meet Pantherbot! Chatbot service that will help answer any questions regarding Chapman University services.

December 3, 2021 by | IS&T

Over the past several weeks, IS&T has been partnering with several departments across campus to develop Chapman’s very first chatbot called “Pantherbot”. Pantherbot is service that will help answer any questions regarding Chapman University services. If at any time you need to speak with live assistant from a specific department, one will be notified and

Pulse VPN Cyber Attack Update

April 28, 2021 by | IS&T

Last week, IS&T made an announcement regarding the a recent cyber-attack on Pulse VPN. Many of the victims of this attach range from Financial Institutions, Higher Education, Government Agencies, and even Defense Contractors. Fortunately, Chapman University has not been affected by the recent attack and IS&T has already implemented the recommended mitigations. However, we are

Latest Rinker Classroom Upgrade RK95-215 gets a new look

March 24, 2021 by | IS&T

Our Rinker IS&T Support team is excited to announce the launch of new HyFlex Connect Room technology in RK95-215. The room is now equipped with seven large TV monitors, each with their own individual AppleTV unit so users can wirelessly screen-share with others.  Additionally, each TV has HDMI connections so users can directly connect their

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