Over this past Fall and Spring semester, IS&T has been installing room scheduling panels that display the status of a room’s calendar in conference rooms and classrooms around campus. The 7-inch and 10-inch panels provide a visual indication of whether a particular room is scheduled and allow the campus to walk up to the panel and view the daily scheduled events in the room.

The visual design of the panel will allow you to see room usage through color indication.  If the room is in use or scheduled, the scheduling panel will glow red. The intuitive interface and touchscreen panels enable students, faculty, and staff to easily schedule and reserve an impromptu meeting right outside the room on the scheduling panel. Also, the easy-to-use interface with the Outlook integration feature will display the current and upcoming scheduled meetings, help you find a vacant room, and schedule an appointment as you normally would in Outlook.

To order a scheduling panel for a classroom or conference room, submit a scheduling panel request online. Please also note that we do have a small supply of panels in inventory; however, additional installation time will be needed.

To learn more, visit our scheduling panel resource page.


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Chapman University Information Systems and Technology