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Software and Device Purchasing Guidelines Things to know before buying software or a new device on a PCard or a personal card

August 16, 2022 by | Software

When purchasing hardware (laptops, tablets, etc.) and software for university use, there are particular guidelines that all Chapman Community members must be aware of. We understand there are times when it may seem more convenient to purchase these products on your own or an emergency need arises that prompts the purchase of new software or

Introducing EDUCAUSE at Chapman University

August 1, 2022 by | Announcements

The mission of EDUCAUSE is to provide the higher education community with the necessary resources and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology. Through various programs, EDUCAUSE helps its members develop the essential skills and knowledge to make informed decisions. EDUCAUSE believes that diversity and experience are crucial factors that contribute to

Panopto to YuJa Transition Update

July 6, 2022 by | Software

Over the last three months, IS&T has been updating the Chapman community regarding our transition to the YuJa Video Platform. We are currently in the process of migrating existing content from Panopto to YuJa. As we enter the final stages of this transition, please be advised that: You may access YuJa via video.chapman.edu (sign in with

May 19 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day – Learn How You Can Make Digital Content Inclusive for All

May 17, 2022 by | Software

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is a yearly event that aims to raise awareness about the importance of digital inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities. It is also a way for people to get involved in conversations about this issue.  Despite the increasing number of people using digital platforms, there are still many barriers

Creating Accessible Documents for All! March 2022 | New Technologies

March 7, 2022 by | Software

Campus Community, Having accessible design benefits everyone. It also saves time and effort and can also reduce institutional risk. Moreover, providing an accessible environment for everyone is a vital part of making society more inclusive. It allows people with limited mobility to participate in the community. Finally, having an accessible design will enable people with

IS&T’s LinkedIn Learning Recommendations – February 2021 Relevant Content, Expertly Produced!

February 12, 2021 by | Software

Don’t forget! Chapman has an existing one-year contract with LinkedIn Learning which grants us access to a wide range of training videos and materials. IS&T’s Recommendations: Trending Now – February 2021: Premiere Pro 2020 – Essential Training Microsoft Office: First Steps Using Microsoft Teams and Outlook Together: Maximizing Productivity Popular on LinkedIn Learning: Support Your

Interactive Remote Training Opportunities for Departments New Year, New Department Learning GOALS!

January 12, 2021 by | Software

Strong team development is an essential element of any successful workplace or organization. Research shows team development increases trust within the workplace, improves communication, and increases productivity. As we commence this new year, IS&T will be offering interactive virtual training sessions for the various departments and colleges across campus. How to Get Started? Book an

IS&T’s LinkedIn Learning Recommendations – January 2021 Relevant Content, Expertly Produced!

January 12, 2021 by | Software

Did you forget? Chapman has an existing one-year contract with LinkedIn Learning which grants us access to a wide range of training videos and materials. IS&T’s Recommendations: Trending Now – January 2021: Project Management for Creative Projects Tips for Writing Business Emails Outlook: Efficient Email Management Popular on LinkedIn Learning: Leading Projects How to use

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