Over the last three months, IS&T has been updating the Chapman community regarding our transition to the YuJa Video Platform. We are currently in the process of migrating existing content from Panopto to YuJa.

As we enter the final stages of this transition, please be advised that:

  • You may access YuJa via video.chapman.edu (sign in with Chapman SSO) or through Canvas.  
  • Videos in Panopto (before 3/22) have been transferred to YuJa. Please check your My Media area of YuJa and confirm your videos have transferred.
  • The second batch of Panopto videos (3/22 to 7/22) will be transferred to YuJa and the end of September.
  • After 7/15/22, any content created in Panopto will not automatically transfer to YuJa.   
  • The automatic Zoom integration has been disabled in Panopto.

Please visit IS&T’s Yuja page to stay up to date with this transition, access training videos, get help, and contact us for additional support. 


Thank you, 

Chapman University Information Systems & Technology 

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