Over the last eight months, Information Systems & Technology has been updating the Chapman community regarding our transition to the YuJa Video Platform via the Working@Chapman newsletter and Canvas notifications. We are currently in the final phase of the transition and completing the second batch of video migration (3/22 to 8/22) from Panopto to YuJa.

As we enter the final stages of this transition, please be advised that: 

  • You may access YuJa via video.chapman.edu (sign in with Chapman SSO) or through Canvas.
  • Panopto videos before March 2022 have already been transferred to YuJa.
  • Panopto videos between March 2022 and August 2022 are in the transfer process.
  • Any content created in Panopto after August 2022 will not automatically transfer to YuJa.
  • At this point, Panopto videos are “read-only. 

Please visit IS&T’s Yuja page to stay up to date with this transition, access training videos, support documentation, get help, and contact us for additional support. 

Thank you, 


Chapman University IS&T 

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