Though Southern California is just now getting the weather memo, the time of year has returned where both sugar-high trick-or-treaters and pumpkin spice lattes run wild along sidewalks. Which of course means its Halloween time! The Leatherby Libraries is celebrating the holiday with a new display created by our very own Kerry Ortloff, Brandman Library Assistant. Featuring spooky pumpkin and spider decorations, the bookshelf holds novels on paranormal activity, witches, haunted houses, books from the Goosebumps series and of course, some children’s books as friendly as Casper the Ghost. A sample from our wide collection of frightning films, the bottom shelf holds some scary favorites of the season: The Exorcist, Edward Scissorhands, Ghostbusters, The Sixth Sense, Hocus Pocus and more!

If you are passing through the lobby, make sure to stop and take a gander at our chilling display! Ask any of our assistants at the circulation desk if you would like to check out any of the items.