The Leatherby Libraries has built a new display near the first floor reference section highlighting the publications of Chapman University faculty. The new Faculty Publications display case and shelves feature all genres and topics including film, history, fiction and business. It was officially dedicated following the
Faculty Honors Convocation
on May 13, 2016.

This display was originally the idea of Dr. Gordon Babst, professor of political science and the 2016-2017 president of the Chapman University Faculty Senate. Thanks to a generous gift from the Office of the Chancellor and a great deal of hard work by librarian Julie Artman, the Collection Management team, the Circulation department of Public Services, and the library’s Art, Exhibits and Events Committee, the Faculty Publications Display became a reality. The display and nearby shelves contain nearly all of the 811 monographs in the library’s collection that have been tagged as “Faculty Publications” in the library’s catalog. We are also including books by multiple authors to which Chapman faculty have contributed a chapter. All of these books are circulating (available for checkout). For many books, the library has purchased a second copy to be permanently archived in Special Collections.

Are you a faculty member who has recently published a new book? Or perhaps you have an older monograph that you don’t see on the shelf? The library wants to include your work! We are actively seeking additional titles to add to the display and shelves. Faculty may make a gift of their books to the library, or we will use the library’s budget to purchase the work. We will attempt to archive one copy of each book in Special Collections.

If you’d like to donate your book, please contact Julie Artman at x7752 or