The Leatherby Libraries continues to find creative ways to display student artwork. One of the most recent exhibits reached further out into the local community, on the initiative of Chapman students.

On the first floor near the restrooms this spring, several strings of paper dolls were displayed. These decorated dolls were created by local middle and high schoolers, in conversation with Chapman students Gabi Abrahamson and Angelita White. Angelita and Gabi led the students in a discussion of sexism and gender stereotypes. Then the students each created a paper doll to represent a gender stereotype they saw in the world around them. The resulting paper dolls were hung in the library as part of the students coursework for their “Voice, Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice” class in the College of Educational Studies.

The exhibit was on display from May 16th through June 9th. Thanks to Gabi and Angelita for this thought-provoking installation and to Laurie Cussalli for overseeing the project. Stay tuned for more of Gabi’s artwork in the 2016-2017 academic year.