This spring, the Hashinger Science Labs will open their doors again on Friday, April 1, 2016 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Science Labs Open House is open to all– Chapman campus and beyond– so please join us.

Kim Environmental Geochemistry
(KEG) and
Marine Invertebrate Biology
(MIB) programs held an open house on Thursday, April 9th in Hashinger Science Center Basement. Schmid College undergraduate students presented their research, explained their experiments and showed the lab facilities to attendees.

Experiments ranged from hermit crabs predating sea slugs to remediating heavy metal contaminates from soil. (SEE VIDEOS).

The Environmental Geochemistry Lab focuses on geological processes that have environmental impact and studies the chemistry behind those processes while the Marine Invertebrate Biology program explores the neurobiology, ecology and evolution of invertebrate behavior.


Dr. Wright speaks to students during Lab Open House

Dr. William Wright
, head of the MIB program, said he has no particular affinity for invertebrates.

“The animals I choose to study are chosen for the utility they bring to the question at hand. Hermit crabs, for example, are little munchkins that love to eat no matter where or when.”

4228-revision-v1Dr. Chris Kim
, head of the KEG Lab, said he feels that
science in addition to learning science is one of the best ways to start thinking like a scientist.

Kim said, “Independent research has been demonstrated to have long-reaching positive impacts on students’ abilities to think critically, solve complex problems and take ownership of their scientific inquiries and development.”

Wright shares Kim’s passion for helping transition students to scientists. Wright said, “[Students] come up against real frustrations, and experience first-hand the joys of discovery.”

Below are more pictures of the event:















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