2000 Albert Schweitzer Award of Excellence

The American Friends Service Committee received the 2000 Albert Schweitzer Award of Excellence at the Chapman University opening convocation on September 20, 2000. A recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, the American Friends Service Committee is a Quaker organization supported by people who represent a number of faith traditions and are united in their commitment to causes of peace, justice, and humanitarianism all around the world. In the organization’s statement, “To Heal a Wounded World,” the following call to unity and action is given:

“Let us unite in nonviolent strategies to confront and transform powerful institutions of oppression. Let us identify and resist those tactics which exploit narrow self-interest so as to drive wedges between groups and individuals. Let us hold before one another a vision of companionship in our work for justice for all.

“We of the American Friends Service Committee pledge ourselves to offer initiatives that will restore hope and that will inspire a renewed sense of identity and self-worth in those who have suffered. We pledge to support efforts that result in independence, productivity, compassion, and recognition of the values of diversity. We pledge to work with the poor and the materially comfortable, the disenfranchised and the powerful-with all who want to build communities of hope. Let us demonstrate the transforming power of love.

“For the health of God’s world, with trust in the Spirit to guide us, and inviting all people of good will to share in the work, we renew our long-term commitment to build a movement for positive change.”

Tom Conrad accepted the Schweitzer Award on behalf of the American Friends Service Committee.

For more on the American Friends Service Committee, visit their website, www.afsc.org