Voces Novae, Chapman University’s award winning student historical journal, will publish a special issue in the spring of 2011 devoted to the history of the university, especially its meteoric rise to national prominence in the last 30 years.  This special issue will take full advantage of its Open Journal Systems software, with its extensive audio and video capabilities, to present creatively this history as a series of interviews with those people who were centrally involved in this rise–key professors, administrators, staff members and trustees.  While this vast project will be overseen by members of the Department of History, including journal advisor Lee Estes, the actual task of preparing for and doing interviews, as well as editing and putting these interviews online, will be in the hands of History majors and minors formally trained in the required skills by Jana Remy, Associate Director of Instructional Technology.  This special issue of Voces Novae will be debuted at the Southern California Regional Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society Conference, to be held here at Chapman on April 9th, and again at the 150th Birthday Party and Campus Open House on May 7th.