Assistant Professor of Art, David Kiddie,
talks to the public about his ceramic sculptures.

Assistant Professor of Art, David Kiddie recently had two consecutive solo exhibitions of his latest ceramic sculptures in “Out of Order” and “Out of Order Again” at 643 Project Space in Ventura, CA and the Napa Hall Gallery at Cal State University Channel Islands over the last two months.  Kiddie’s latest sculptures are the outcome of his interest in the structural order of biological cellular elements seen in the microscopic realm.  Through a microscope, simple formed organisms such as bacteria and viruses can be seen in the act of mitosis and clustering as they congregate in patterned compositions.  Kiddie utilizes a large-scale format for his work to reveal a part of the microscopic world and its structural possibilities implying conceptual underpinnings related to chaos theory, offense, defense and infiltration.  Professor Kiddie is pleased with the positive and enthusiastic response expressed from the viewing public, saying  “I was surprised particularly by the interest from faculty members at CSUCI from departments other than Art.”  Jerry Clifford, Professor of Physics at CSUSI who led his students through the exhibition commented that the exhibition helped his students “realize broader applications for the content in his intro course.”