On May 24, 2011 and through the month of June, Alicia Kozameh, assistant professor of English will be traveling to Argentina, on a book tour for her latest novel, recently published in Spanish. She will be visiting five Argentine cities: Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba, Paraná and Concepción to present her new book.

The novel, titled Natatio aeterna, deals with two fundamental concepts: identity and belonging. It takes the reader through the obsessions of ten separate characters, each of them a part of different and varied social groups; one a neurosurgeon with his team, another a drummer with visceral ties to the Venice Beach drum circle, and another a ballet dancer and her company, for example. The characters do not interact with each other, but, rather, become one another as each of their stories unfold, forming an eternal circular movement that represents life.

The novel is being published by the Argentine publishing house, Alción.