Headshot of woman.
Karina Macias, a
Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS)
student at Chapman University, ran for
2013 Huntington Park City Council
and won!

According to the March 5,
2013 unofficial election results
, Macias received 1,052 votes out of 2,063 total votes.

The General Municipal Elections of The City of Huntington Park conducts general municipal elections in March of odd-numbered years to elect members to serve on the City Council. There are five members of the Huntington Park City Council, each serving a four-year term of office. The City is not divided into districts. The four-year terms of office alternates so that two members of City Council are elected at one election and three are elected at the next election.

Posted on Wednesday evening after the election on the
Karina Macias for Huntington Park City Council 2013 Facebook page
, Macias wrote,
“Thank you to all volunteers that came to help out. From those that donated the food, car, coffee, time and many more … It’s because of you that we were successful. The real work begins very soon and I am ready to represent our city and every resident (whether they voted for me or not) and move forward. This victory is not only mine but of all who were invloved in various ways. We ran a campaign on a low budget but big in heart and we won.”