Hi All

This is a little premature, but I just wanted to send a thank you message before the summer overtakes and you get to turn your mind to other things.

So my thanks to each of you for your invaluable contributions to the College and all it stands for. Thank you for your dedication to the students and their growth; thank you for the service you provide to the College and University; and thank you for sustaining your research area through the various iterations of scholarship and creativity.

I know that some of the initiatives I have proposed and instigated have pushed you in ways that take you out of your comfort zone (and you should know that there will be more of those to come!) I feel that you have shown good grace and openness towards the changes we are working on. Even when you may not agree with them, my sense has been that there is a willingness to try for the new and different. I, the Associate Deans and all the staff in the Dean’s Office, will continue to work to support you in your research and teaching, to build an environment of collegiality and respect, and to promote open dialogue.

I look forward very much to working with you all in the next academic year.

I wish you a wonderful summer


Dr. Patrick Fuery