In honor of the inspirational memory and trailblazing contributions of Laura Scudder, the Laura Scudder Scholarship ($5,000) will be awarded to a student demonstrating an interest and commitment to women’s issues, scholarship, and leadership.

In spite of the challenges of the Great Depression and institutionalized sexism against women in business, Laura Scudder (1881-1959) started her own food company in Monterey Park, California in 1926. Laura Scudder, Inc. went on to become a booming success. Like the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Studies, Laura Scudder was accomplished in many fields– a trained nurse, the first female attorney in Ukiah, CA, as well as a remarkable entrepreneur and inventor.

In honor of Laura Scudder’s multi-disciplined and diverse accomplishments, applicants are asked to submit a 500-word essay explaining how their Major field of study intersects with the study of women (i.e., the Women’s Studies Minor). In addition to demonstrating academic motivation, applicants are asked to provide evidence of experience, interest and commitment to women’s issues outside of the classroom (e.g., social outreach, activism, leadership relevant to women). Decision will be based on demonstrable commitment to women’s issues, academic merit and financial need.

Application and documents must be submitted by
April 11, 2014 by 5 p.m.
to Prof. CK Magliola via email:
with “
Scudder Scholarship Application: [Your Name]”
in Subject line; or, paper copies may be dropped off at the Dept. of Sociology Main Office, Roosevelt Hall 200.