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Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences
invites all faculty to the first
of the year on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. in the Laura Scudder Conference Room, Dean’s Suite, Roosevelt Hall 127.

Launching this new series will be
Dr. Chris Bader (Sociology).
The conversations will be centered on the many facets of academic research. He will share his experience working with undergraduate students to design a national survey of fears for the Chapman Survey of American Fears project. Dr. Bader will discuss ways to fund and prepare a student for research activity, and how to design a research project for the inclusion of students.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please RSVP by October 7, 3 p.m. to
Taryn Stroop
, Wilkinson’s Faculty Research Coordinator.


is designed to build a strong research culture within Wilkinson College. It will be the primary infrastructure to support and encourage high level research that will define our college as the research college of the University. At its core is true interdisciplinarity – a form of knowledge without borders, defined outside of departmental structure. It will become the umbrella that will unify our research efforts and provide key support to develop and sustain this research. While recognizing the benefits of research collaboration, CRASsH also aims to support the work of the individual scholar, providing opportunities that may not ordinarily be available. In difficult economic times (when the support for Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences is severely contracting and funding is becoming ever more competitive) this initiative aims to allow us to define ourselves by what we see as important and significant.