The Leatherby Libraries Hall of Art regularly features exhibits from the Chapman community – faculty, staff, and students. This season’s exhibit, “Behind the Mouse,” showcases the work of two
graphic design students
here at Chapman, Nick Oeffling and Megan Totah. The campus community is invited to a reception honoring Nick and Megan and showcasing their artwork.

“Behind the Mouse” Reception

When: Wednesday, December 10, at 1:00 p.m.

Where: Leatherby Libraries Hall of Art (first floor, southwest corner, just past the Interlibrary Loan window)

Refreshments will be provided. For more information, contact Jessica Bower (714-532-7717 or

About the Artists

Nick Oeffling
is a Graphic Design major at Chapman University. Born in Santa Monica and raised in a suburb outside of Los Angeles, Nick has been inspired by the unique neighborhoods, street art, music and culture of the L.A. area. Some of his influences include James Turrell, Cryptik, and ISO50. Nick enjoys the fusion of light, music and graphic design. In his spare time, Nick DJs and slacklines.

Megan Totah
is a Graphic Design major at Chapman University. She was born in Mountain View, California, and raised in Los Altos with her two younger sisters. As a child, Megan was not allowed to play with crayons, in fear she would draw on walls. When she got to middle school, after those years of being art deprived,  art poured out of her. Everything around inspired her: billboards, movie posters, anything that had color. Graphic Design is a way for her to let her art come to life through different media.