Over the years the Lloyd and Elisabeth Klein Legacy Foundation has played an instrumental role in funding programs in Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences that support the education and growth of disadvantaged youth in our surrounding community. With thanks to Christine and Lon Cross, the philanthropic donors behind the Klein Legacy Foundation, the newly founded partnership between the Graphic Design program and the Samueli Academy will now be funded.

In March of 2020, the Graphic Design program in Wilkinson College had formed a partnership with the Orangewood-based high school Samueli Academy. This partnership was created to give Samueli students the opportunity to forge a relationship with our Graphic Design program by attending yearly Art Department events, such as the Margo Pawell Design Symposium and the Orange County Portfolio Review, giving Samueli students a chance to network and learn from artists and other industry professionals. It has also provided opportunities for mentorship with Graphic Design students and internships, such as working in the Ideation Lab in Wilkinson College. This partnership will also develop a pipeline to improve students’ ability to gain admission to Chapman University by first attending community college.

Professor Eric Chimenti, head of the Graphic Design program explained that the partnership between the Samueli Academy and Chapman University was created due to caring relationships and mutually shared goals. “Chapman has a passion for serving our community and being a resource. Thus, establishing a memorandum of understanding between the institutions was an ideal way to allow both institutions, programs, and students to grow,” said Chimenti.

“The Graphic design program is so thankful for this generous and ongoing gift that allows for the establishment and funding of these collaborative events and partnerships.”