0g0b3715Health 2 Humanity, founded in Chapman student John Cefalu’s dorm room in 2014, is a global movement towards creating sustainable impact utilizing the tools available to every average individual- their own two hands. H2H has paralleled it’s corporate mission of creating high quality soap bars domestically in the U.S. with it’s global mission of building entrepreneurship programs focused around hygienic empowerment.

Over the past three years, H2H Corp has developed a 4 scent soap bar line, sold through retail partnerships and online outlets, emerging as a leading soap producer in the saturated market of chemical rich products overwhelming consumers today. H2H Global has reached some major milestones as well, starting up 13 micro-businesses throughout Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda, creating 35 jobs and distributing over 65,000 bars of soap into these communities. Statistics also show a 25 percent reduction in illness rates overall and a near 100 percent eradication of skin irritations in sponsored locations.

img_1091Recently, Cefalu and his partner, fellow Chapman student Kianna Estenson, traveled with their team to Kenya for the month of January where they partnered with members of the Kenyan Government on a $2M deal to open up a soap factory projected to create 500 jobs and distribute over 20,000,000 bars of soap over the next 10 years. Check out this feature story in the OC Register through this link!

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ABOUT THE FOUNDERS: Cefalu, majoring in Business Marketing, will be graduating this May to serve as H2H’s C.E.O. full time. Estenson, majoring in both International Business and Pan-African Peace Studies, will be graduating shortly after in December as H2H’s C.C.O. Last fall, both students were even able to get internship credit for their international experience under Dr. Leitz in the Peace Studies Program in Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. If you’re interested in gaining similar internship experience, feel free to reach out to either Kianna or John for opportunities!