Author and Creative Writing Professor Alicia Kozameh has returned from a European book tour where the German translation of her novel 259 Leaps, the Last Immortal (259 Sprünge, Salto Immortale Inbegriffen) was just released, and presented in several cities. In Austria she held bilingual readings in Klagenfurt (Europahaus), Graz (Afro-Asiatisches Institut) and in Vienna. This presentation, held at the Frauen Solidarität, was supported by PEN Austria, Buch Wien 17, Wien Kultur, Cervantes Institut, and Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung. In Berlin, Germany, the event “Bruno regresa descalzo, a reading from Alicia Kozameh’s most recent Novel,” was held by the Ibero-Americanisches Institut.

In addition to these events, she led a three-hour long literary workshop for 27 students from the English Department at the University of Graz, in which the emerging young writers experimented with a unique approach for creating and understanding literary texts.

Back from Europe, she spent the Thanksgiving break in the city of Morelia, in Michoacan, Mexico, in the II Congreso Internacional de Literatura y Derechos Humanos: Nuevas violencias, nuevas resistencias. She participated in a plenary session called, “No hay pasado. Alicia Kozameh in dialogue with Laura Scarabelli,” and read from her novel Bruno regresa descalzo.