By Philip Goodrich (’22)
History and Integrated Educational Studies and a minor in Political Science

When searching for my dream school, I was looking for a tight-knit community, small class sizes, endless opportunities, and a strong support system focused on student success. I can confidently say I found this with Chapman University.

While I have only been at Chapman for a year and a half, I have been fortunate to reap many of the benefits that this school has to offer. To start, I have been able to immerse myself within a variety of organizations, departments, and networks within this university. During the Fall semester of my freshman year, I rushed Chapman’s only pre-law co-ed fraternity, Kappa Alpha Pi, and was fortunate enough to receive a bid. I have now held four positions within this organization and currently serve as the Director of Recruitment. During the 2019 Spring semester, I ran a campaign to be a senator in the Student Government Association (SGA) and was able to win that election. I now serve as the Wilkinson College Senator and Speaker of the Senate. Beginning this year, I joined a passionate group of students as a Chapman Ambassador and represent the university at special events and occasions. Additionally, I have already been able to hold three on-campus jobs during my short time at this institution. I had the privilege of working as a Student Assistant in the Office of Legal Affairs and currently work as an Alumni Discovery Initiative Ambassador for the Office of Alumni Engagement and a Student Assistant in the Wilkinson College Dean’s Office. These jobs have allowed me to enhance many of my professional skills, expand my network, and learn more about different career paths. All of my involvements – whether with student organizations, on-campus jobs, or other groups – have provided me with a unique college experience and demonstrate Chapman’s commitment to student engagement.

On top of the plethora of opportunities afforded to Chapman students, this University excels in the classroom by offering small class sizes, caring professors, and a flexible curriculum. It is important to note that I have not been in a class with more than thirty-five students. The average class size for courses within my field range from fifteen to twenty-five individuals, and this is extremely rare for a typical college class. The idea of professors knowing you by name is not simply a selling point here at Chapman; it is the norm. I have been able to form strong relationships with many faculty members, and it is because of these small class sizes that I have been able to do so. Aside from helpful professors and intimate classes, Chapman ensures that every student has a personalized education. Students, like myself, are able to pursue multiple degrees and are encouraged to follow their passions. To illustrate, I am working toward a double major in History and Integrated Educational Studies and a minor in Political Science, all while applying to an accelerated graduate program that I would add to my studies. The Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, and Chapman as a whole, makes it extremely possible for students to pursue their dreams and accomplish “anything imaginable.”

Chapman University is more than an institution of higher education; Chapman is a place where students gain the knowledge, experience, and relationships necessary to discover who they are and what they want to accomplish in life. For me, Chapman has become my home away from home, and I am confident that I will be able to utilize every experience I have had at this university to better myself, better this community, and better the world.