We know having a major is “majorly” important, but what about a minor? How valuable is a minor? What can declaring a minor do for you?

According to a U.S.A. News report, “A college major carries considerable weight in higher education, shaping career paths and lives as students pursue work within a particular discipline. Undergraduate students should consider just as carefully their choice of a college minor, experts advise.

Declaring a minor gives you the opportunity to explore something new, or maybe something you love, but don’t really see a career in that subject area for your future. Plus, it looks good on a resume and can put you ahead of the competition!

Lauren Ogie’s French Students.

Take for example, Lauren Ogie (’18, BA Art History, French minor) — Ogie majored in Art History and loved it. During her time at Chapman she traveled to Spain and Paris and studied many different cultures and discovered a passion for foreign lands, including art and architecture, but it was her minor in French that got her to where she is today. After graduation Ogie was accepted into the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF). In this program, recipients travel to France and teach English as a second language to French students in public schools.

“Each year, thousands of American undergraduate and graduate students apply to [TAPIF] to spend a year teaching English in France,” said Dr. John Boitano, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of World Languages and Culture. “It is a very competitive program,” he said.

Ogie was able to participate in this opportunity because of her minor in French degree.

“Learning a foreign language can impact your life,” said Ogie. “Being able to speak another language opens many doors. And it is really cool to live somewhere where they do not speak your native language,” she said.

Although teaching English was not Ogie’s initial idea of a career path, it’s what she is doing now and she is happy. Chapman can prepare you for many things. Take advantage of what minors are offered in the college’s departments, such as World Languages and Culture and the interdisciplinary minors, and immerse yourself in what interests you.

“Few people are interested in only one thing; the minor program recognizes this and enables you to broaden and deepen your education, to become more well-rounded as a scholar and as a person,” said Dr. Ian Barbard, Director of LGBTQ Minor Program.

“Without Chapman I would not have participated or applied for this opportunity. They instill in you the importance of study abroad, cultural experiences and becoming a global citizen. The work ethic and knowledge you receive through an education at Chapman surely prepares you,” said Ogie.

Want to learn more about Wilkinson’s interdisciplinary minors and majors and minor programs in World Languages and Cultures, as well as the new BA in Global Communication and World Languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish)? Check out the webpages and email the program director(s) in your area of interest!