Erin Berthon, MA                     Career Advisor, Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, at Chapman University

Just four months ago, graduating seniors were preparing to embark on the final stretch of their time at Chapman. No one expected an invisible enemy to change their plans. On top of senior festivities and events being quickly reconfigured, soon-to-be Wilkinson graduates will now face another challenge: navigating a transformed job market. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes to our lives, forcing companies and organizations to respond and adapt accordingly. With change underway in every industry, Wilkinson students have been well-prepared by their studies to take on the challenge and continue to thrive during these unprecedented times. Students, it may seem like your post-college plans are now up in the air, but, I encourage you to take advantage of this time as a new window of career opportunity.  

During the coming months, it will be imperative that you prepare yourself by doing research, honing in on developing your skills, and keeping an open mind so that you will be set for success when searching for a job or internship. Wilkinson students receive a personalized and adaptable liberal arts education that allows for flexibility and creativity. 

Industries such as healthcare, social work, and online learning have an increased need for assistance. Each of these fields — while maybe not necessarily the industry you planned on entering — have many opportunities and ways to give back to your community during these trying times. These businesses are hiring at rapid rates, and interviews conducted virtually. Embrace this unprecedented time with faith, optimism, and determination. 

Rest assured that despite all that is going on, many possibilities for obtaining a job or internship, even for the coming summer, exist. Just look at two of our Chapman students, Julia Caprino (’21, Psychology) and Arianna Benitez (’22, Sociology), who will be serving as a Legal Intern within the Criminal Defense Services department and as a Copyright Intern, respectively, both at Higbee and Associates. There are hundreds of jobs and internships, both remote and in-person, listed on Handshake and other career platforms. The staff in the Office of Career and Professional Development, as well as myself, are here to help you navigate this entire process now and in the months and years to come.

For further information and ideas about what a difference a  liberal arts major can make during this unprecedented global pandemic, please click onto my Linkedin

Despite all of the challenges that COVID-19 has created in this world, I have confidence that everything will be okay on the job and internship front. Chapman University is here to help you every step of the way as your Career Connection for Life.