Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences prides itself on providing a personalized education of distinction to our students by proudly championing the humanistic mission of Chapman University’s founders, which focused on diversity, global citizenship, and social justice. The outstanding faculty in our nine academic departments and interdisciplinary centers support innovative curriculum, research, and public programming to ensure that the arts, humanities, and social sciences remain the distinguishing component in every student’s education. Below is a list of Wilkinson College faculty who are recognized with honors and awards this spring. Congratulations to all our faculty for an amazing academic year!


Tenure and Promotion

Georgiana Bostean, Awarded Tenure and Promoted to Associate Professor of Environmental Science, Health, and Policy

Nancy Martin, Promoted to Professor of Religious Studies

Pat See, Awarded the honor of Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Charissa Threat, Awarded Tenure as Associate Professor of History

Justine Van Meter, Promoted to Instructional Associate Professor of English


2020-2021 Unit Faculty Excellence Award

Chris Bader, Professor, Sociology

Arthur Blaser, Professor, Peace Studies

Joanna Levin, Associate Professor, English


2020-2021 Award in Mentorship of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

Ann Gordon, Associate Professor, Political Science


2020-21 Co-teaching Competition Award

Arthur Blaser, Professor, Peace Studies and LouAnne Boyd, Assistant Professor, Fowler School of Engineering

Introduction to Disability Studies: Peace Politics and Human-Centered Design and Engineering


On-Campus Conference Award

Anna Leahy, Professor, English; Joanna Levin, Associate Professor, English; Lynda Hall, Associate Professor, English; and Doug Dechow, Engineering, Science, and Digital Humanities Librarian, Leatherby Libraries 

The Conference on the American Short Story:  A Diamond Jubilee for Postwar Fiction


2020-21 Sabbatical Leave Award

Lynda Hall, Associate Professor, English

“Reading Minor Women” examines possible influences on Jane Austen’s characterization, based on novels written by women she read before or during the composition of her novels.  

Shira Klein, Associate Professor, History

“A Place in the Sun: Italian Jews and the Colonization of Africa” explores how Jews participated in Italy’s African empire between the 1890s and the 1940s.

Alicia Kozameh, Professor, English

“Sal de sangres en sangre (Salt from Bloods in Blood)” is a volume of poetry dealing with the state terrorism and violence that killed many thousands of Argentines during the military dictatorship of the seventies.

Rei Magosaki, Associate Professor, English, 

“Landlocked Imaginations” examines literatures of the desert in Southwest U.S., and specifically literature emerging from histories of Japanese/ Japanese American internment and Native American relocation.

Bernard McGrane, Professor, Sociology

“Man Made Suns” is an intellectual history of our ever-changing ideas of the sun.

Crystal Murphy, Associate Professor, Political Science

“War Workers” examines the humanitarians, journalists, business people, and scholars who participate in the war industrial complex. 


2020-21 Developmental Leave Award 

Brian Glaser, Associate Professor, English

“Ecopoetry,” synthesizing poetic sequences and essayistic prose to examine environmentalism and Tijuana, American Taoism, and the indigenous sacred site of Putiidhem.


One-Year Release for Scholarly-Creative Activity Award

Justin Walsh, Associate Professor, Art

“A Microsociety in a Miniworld: The Archaeology of the International Space Station,” applies archeological field methods to better understand the social and cultural dimensions of living and working in the International Space Station.