Erin Berthon

Erin Berthon, MA Career Manager, Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, at Chapman University

Dr. Ann Gordon, Associate Professor of Political Science in Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, is our 2022 Faculty Career Champion! In addition to teaching classes in Research Design and American Politics, Dr. Gordon is also the Director of the Ludie and David C. Henley Social Sciences Research Laboratory and the Director of the Earl Babbie Research Center.

“Dr. Gordon is an exemplary mentor who devotes countless hours helping students prepare for their next steps after graduation by matching students with internships, experiential learning projects, and professional networking opportunities,” said Dr. Jennifer D. Keene. “I am thrilled to see her dedication recognized with the career champion award!”

Engaging faculty plays a key role in preparing students for their future careers. This is the second year Chapman is recognizing faculty who have positively impacted students through internship advisor roles and helping students in any areas of their career paths. Wilkinson College had 16 faculty nominations from students, and we congratulate and recognize these impactful faculty for all their hard work and commitment to our students.

Dr. Ann Gordon centered with her students at the Hawaii University International Conferences.

When I asked the students to send me their thoughts about Dr. Gordon, the number of responses from students sharing their experiences was overwhelming with thoughtfulness and appreciation. Rather than summarizing, I am letting the students share their views  on why Professor Gordon is Wilkinson College’s  2022 Faculty Career Champion!

“Dr. Gordon has been a highlight of my undergraduate experience. I remember my first day as a Chapman student; I went into Dr. Gordon’s office and told her I wanted to get involved in undergraduate research. I told her all my goals and aspirations for my college experience and beyond. Since that moment, Dr. Gordon has never stopped believing in me. Dr. Gordon has been my biggest supporter and role model. From taking two research classes with her, to spending the past three years working in the lab with her, I have gotten the privilege to see how Dr. Gordon truly does change the lives she enters. She inspires students, motivates them, encourages them to reach their goals – and is there all along the way. I could not be more grateful for Dr. Gordon and the countless ways that she has been there for me over the past four years.” Roxy Amirazizi ‘22

“Dr. Gordon has been a strong advocate within the political science department for students to start getting connections in the field as soon as they can during their undergraduate, whether that be through research or internships, and dedicates a lot of time during the capstone course toward career preparedness by presenting different resources and job opportunities, along with giving students time to polish their resumes or speak with her about their individual goals and paths. She is so helpful to students, even after they leave her class, and is so deserving of this honor!” Mennes Gassmann ‘23

“Dr. Gordon is not only an incredible professor but a passionate one. She has a passion for her field of study like no other professor I’ve met, and her passion drives her students to adopt a passion of their own. Every class of hers that I’ve enrolled in has been an amazing experience. Dr. Gordon is so successful at making her material fascinating and pushing students to get interested and think in ways we may not have before. Additionally, having Dr. Gordon guide a project is an experience that any student at Chapman University would be lucky to have. She knows how to validate her students’ thought processes while also helping to advance and expand them. Having had Dr. Gordon as a professor has been a privilege, and her influence on my education has been and is unforgettable.” Madi Rosenson ‘22

“Working for Dr. Gordon in the Henley Lab has been one of the highlights of my time at Chapman. She has given me so much guidance and provided me with the knowledge that I’ll be able to use in the professional world. She’s truly a one of kind person who cares about her students and pushes them to achieve momentous goals! Her passion for research and love for her students has positively impacted the life journeys of countless students, which is something few people can say. I’m forever grateful for the opportunities, knowledge, and guidance Dr. Gordon has given me over the years!” Christian Grevin ‘ 22

“She is a great listener and mentor who wants all of her students to succeed. I am grateful that I was paired with her for a mentorship program because of how authentic she is and takes a personal interest in her mentoring relationship. She motivates and exhibits enthusiasm. I do not think anyone could have been a better pick than Dr. Ann Gordon.” Isa Alarcon ‘25

Thank you, Ann, for your continuous support to the students and to me as Wilkinson College’s Career Advisor! Dr. Gordon has been such a mentor to me the last few years (even adults need mentors!) and has helped make the Career Advising position successful. Not only are you the champion to the students, but me as well. Congrats on an award that is most deserved.