Angelina Hicks ‘23, Strategic and Corporate Communications, Journalism

Angelina Hicks (‘23, Strategic and Corporate Communications, Journalism) was selected as the inaugural Tracy A. Wood Fellow for the Voice of OC.

“Angelina represents the best of what Wilkinson’s journalism program has to offer,” said Director of the Journalism Program Dr. Susan Paterno. “As a high school senior, Angelina won the English Department’s Talent Scholarship in Journalism and started the Journalism Program in her first year. She quickly became a star.”

In 2021, Hicks was a recipient of the Marshutz Endowed Journalism Award, a prestigious, paid summer internship to report for Voice of OC, where she built an impressive portfolio of published work that helped her win scholarships from the Washington Media Scholars Foundation and the Society of Professional Journalists. Hicks serves on the board of the LA Chapter of the LGBT Journalists.

After a year’s worth of contributions to Voice of OC, Hicks will continue to investigate local issues in Orange County with passion and rigor as Tracy A. Wood Fellow.

“I look forward to continuing writing stories that affect local communities in Orange County,” said Hicks. “Writing for Voice of OC has given me the opportunity to report on local government action in smaller cities, and it’s an amazing honor to receive phone calls and emails from community members thanking me for bringing attention to different issues that affect them.”

At Chapman, Hicks serves as Managing Editor for ChapBook, the Journalism Program’s digital magazine, and The Panther, where she oversees the sports, entertainment, and podcast sections. “The journalism classes at Chapman have given me amazing opportunities that directly led me to this fellowship. Chapman’s partnership with Voice of OC has taught me so much about real-world journalism and has prepared me to grow as a journalist as I approach graduation. The journalism faculty members have all supported me tremendously and helped me continuously improve as a writer and reporter.”

Former Civic Editor and Founding Member for Voice of OC, Tracy Wood had a long, renowned career as an investigative journalist and war correspondent. The Tracy Wood Memorial Fellowship recognizes women in college pursuing careers in reporting and civic news coverage. Established by Wood’s friends and family after her death in March 2020, the program is a testament to Wood’s legacy of journalistic excellence, mentorship, and dedication to future generations of journalists.

“Tracy Wood was an amazing journalist and woman, and being chosen as the first person to receive this fellowship is an incredible honor,” said Hicks. “Reading about how successful and impactful Wood was as an investigative journalist and war correspondent at such a young age is incredibly inspiring, and I can only hope to be like her as I continue my work as a reporter.”

(Pictured above in header: Voice of OC Civic Editor Tracy Wood in Vietnam, 1972. Credit: Photo from “War Torn: Stories of War from the Women Reporters Who Covered Vietnam”)