Wilkinson College’s Federico Pacchioni (Sebastian P. and Marybelle Musco Endowed Chair and Director of Italian Studies) recently had his seventh book published, “The extraordinary life of foreign language learners. Harnessing the rewards of the multilingual experience.” Co-written with author Gian Marco Faresea, the book investigates the foreign language learning experience, its deeper rewards, and implications for intercultural communication and mediation.

“The book illustrates theoretical notions through a wide range of examples from multiple languages (viewed comparatively) as well as vivid life accounts of individuals successfully working and living across different languages and cultures,” said Dr. Pacchioni.

The publication is written for first time foreign language learners, but also examines the benefits of learning a foreign language. It discusses the transformation for new foreign language learners and the advantage of becoming a multilingual speaker and intercultural mediator. The chapters cover a wide range of linguistic examples and inspiring life experiences, allowing the reader to learn how to make the most of learning a foreign language.

 “The Extraordinary Life of Foreign Language Learners” provides answers to doubts and concerns that usually impede foreign language learners and offers inspirational points to advance along the demanding path of foreign language learning with a fresh and motivating perspective.”

Anyone who is interested or personally involved in the processes of foreign language learning and intercultural mediation, then this book is worth exploring. Although Dr. Pacchioni does plan to integrate the publication into his courses at Chaman; he believes it’s also suitable for a much broader audience.

“I’m hoping to reach a wide range of readers, certainly undergraduate students, but also independent students of foreign languages in related professional sectors,” he said.