Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science students were recently recognized with honors in a series of events that constituted this year’s annual Wilkinson award ceremonies and the 15th annual Campus Leadership Awards.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Gloria and Julian Peterson Award: Berkana McDowell ’23, Peace Studies, Environmental Science and Policy (pictured above)
The Gloria and Julian Peterson Award is awarded to the outstanding graduating senior who has excelled in scholarship and given distinguished leadership in their dedication to enriching University life. This student must exemplify leadership as represented in at least three of the four pillars that guide Chapman University: Intellectual, Physical, Social and Spiritual.

“Receiving this award is an absolute honor and acts as a representation of my care and passion for many parts of my campus involvement including: the Environmental, Peace Studies, and Art departments, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Floor 13 dance team, the Office of Admissions, the Schmid Advising department, Chapman’s resources for undergraduate research, and cultural clubs on campus,” said McDowell.  “It’s the involvement in these subsects of Chapman that led me to where I am now. I have never been one to strive to receive awards as such, I am simply someone who puts all I can give into everything I do. I want to see social change, and my passion will drive me there no matter what the payoff is. In this case, it paid off in an honorable way, and I am flattered for that.”

McDowell will attend Yale University in the fall to pursue a Master’s degree in Environmental Management.

Lauren Bramlett

Ronald M. Huntington Outstanding Scholarship Award: Lauren Bramlett ’23, English and Dance Performance
The Ronald M. Huntington Award is presented to the graduating Chapman senior judged to have exhibited the most distinguished record of scholarly accomplishments. Recipients must demonstrate evidence of exemplary scholarly accomplishments well beyond normal classroom activities.

“My reception of this award is a direct result of the time and energy my English professors have put into making coursework that is engaging, exciting, and gives students the freedom to invest themselves in both scholarly and creative ways. I’m so grateful to have spent these last four years in a program with faculty and peers that invigorate and push me as a student and friend, and this award simply feels like a reflection of how lucky I’ve been to have found support and belonging in this group of creative scholars.”

Upon graduation, Bramlett will be moving to Becket, Massachusetts to complete a fellowship at Jacob’s Pillow International Dance Festival, after which she will be moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in professional dance.

Peter Cline

Paul S. Delp Outstanding Service Award: Peter Cline ’23, Political Science
The Paul S. Delp Award is presented to the graduating senior judged to have made the greatest contribution through voluntary service to the community at large. This award is based upon the student’s entire record of service since freshman year.

“Winning this award is truly an honor and a great culmination of my Chapman experience. Being recognized amongst my peers for the nonprofit work I have been able to do concurrently with my studies and outside employment is amazing. The journey of founding and scaling my organization, Boots to Books, has been tumultuous but rewarding to an unrivaled degree.” 

Cline will work in strategy consulting, while continuing to run his nonprofit. In 2024 he plans to attend law school.

Bryan Molina

Jerry Price Campus Leadership Award: Bryan Molina ’24, Peace Studies
The Jerry Price Award, endowed by Brad and Kim Cohen, bestowed upon a student who is a change maker through their leadership. This award goes to a student who has overcome adversity or has recognized the need for change within the University or surrounding communities, and has shown leadership and initiative to realize that change.

“It really means so much to me to know that the work I have been doing alongside so many important people on my team at both the food pantry and also of RAs has had a positive impact on our community here at Chapman. None of it would’ve been possible without so many others who helped me and getting this award shows that we are making a difference together. I’m truly grateful for the support of everyone around me and I really look forward to continue making positive change for our community.”

Molina urges people to spread the word about the Panther Pantry at Chapman and to consider donating any food or health and wellness items that they do not need.

Outstanding Wilkinson Seniors: 

  • Whitney Gassmann Mennes, Political Science
  • Kyle Tanimura, Political Science and Strategic & Corporate Communication

Outstanding Wilkinson Sophomores:

  • Sam Shlafstein, Political Science
  • Paris Donohoe, Sociology Major and Spanish Minor

Outstanding Wilkinson First Year:

  • Cintya Felix, Political Science

Phi Betta Kappa Inductees:

  • Olivia Anderson
  • Marit Aurin
  • Taylor Banks
  • Jordan Bowles
  • Jazlyn Cruz
  • Emma Drake
  • Nicole Drew
  • Katherine Gilliam
  • Meredith Heika
  • Tiffany Ip
  • Ben Janda
  • Justin Soto
  • Hazel Thurston
  • William Yonts

Kugelman Awards

Dulcie and Lawrence Kugelman have supported the Annual Kugelman Arts and Humanities Awards Ceremony for many years. The Kugelman awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the departments of Art, English, Religious Studies, and World Languages and Cultures.


Art History

Departmental Honors

  • Cassady King
  • Bella Ocaña

Purcell Outstanding Student Award

  • Bella Ocaña

Studio Art 

Departmental Honors

  • Kennedy Cardenas
  • Chelsea Rose Farinaro
  • Eugene Kim

Purcell Outstanding Student Award

  • Eugene Kim

Graphic Design 

Departmental Honors

  • Estephanie Barrera
  • Cherie Victoria Bello
  • Elizabeth Choi
  • Hadley Corwin
  • Catherine Dao
  • Hunter Faria
  • Nolan Ilumin
  • Harry Lada
  • Loren Lee
  • Henry Littleworth
  • Malia Neill
  • Mia Ochalek
  • Alexandra Patrascu
  • Claire Schilperoort
  • Miriam Silkebakken
  • Gabriella Stein-Sigal
  • Jamie Suyemoto
  • Joy Witty

Camastro Hubbell Award

  • Harry Lada
  • Iitai Shaked

Margo Pawell Award

  • Estephanie Barrera
  • Victoria Bello

Purcell Outstanding Student Award

  • Alexandra Patrascu


Departmental Honors

  • Brian Anderson
  • Amy Asmussen
  • Ashley Bailey
  • Lauren Bramlett
  • Vikram Branch
  • Alexandra Davenport
  • Olivia Garcia
  • Meredith Granmayeh
  • Sawyer Kelly
  • Marissa La Mantia
  • Carly Mardesich-
  • Westergaard
  • Julian Raymond
  • Ian Reafsnyder
  • Jordan Sapp
  • Emma Sexton
  • Justin Soto
  • Kelly Uyemura

Mel Watson Award for Scholarly & Creative Excellence

  • Lauren Bramlett

Scott Marshutz Award for Excellence in Journalism 

  • Angelina Hicks

Outstanding BFA Student

  • Jordan Sapp

Outstanding Literature & Rhetoric Student

  • Sawyer Kelly

Paul Frizler Award for Outstanding MA Student

  • Constance Von Igel de Mello

Terri Brint Joseph Award for Outstanding MFA Student

  • Sinclair Adams

Tom Massey Award for Outstanding Dual Degree Student

  • Montez Jennings

Anna Marie Jardini Award for Service and Achievement 

  • Ali Davenport

Religious Studies

Departmental Honors

  • Jingzhi Pan
  • Amea Wadsworth

Outstanding Student in Religious Studies

  • Amea Wadsworth

World Languages and Cultures

Outstanding Achievement in a Major

  • Monica Perez, French
  • Ghen Raz, French
  • Grace Hodgetts, Spanish
  • Carter Kane, Spanish

Outstanding Achievement in a Minor

  • Ailee Chung, Chinese
  • Nicole Drew, German
  • Bella Ocaña, Italian
  • Miriam Silkebakken, Japanese

Henley Awards

Ludie and David C. Henley have been underwriting the Annual Henley Social Sciences Awards Ceremony for over 25 years. The Henley awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the areas of History, Interdisciplinary Programs, Peace Studies, Political Science, and Sociology


Departmental Honors

  • Sophia Axiotis
  • Taylor Banks
  • Tyler Drake
  • Amie Fillet
  • Katerina Ludwig

History Department Academic Excellence Award 

  • Taylor Banks

Lee Estes Best Conference Paper Award

  • Kellan Jenner

Lee Estes Best Senior Thesis Award

  • Katerina Ludwig

Henley Phi Alpha Theta Serice Award

  • Grayson Jones

Interdisciplinary Programs Academic Excellence in Africana Studies 

  • Haleluya Wondwosen

Academic Excellence in Creative and Cultural Industries

  • Rebecca Day

Academic Excellence in Disability Studies

  • Helen Lee

Academic Excellence in Environmental Studies

  • Daniela Ramirez

Academic Excellence in Latinx and Latin American Studies

  • Wendy Medina Herrera

Academic Excellence in Law and the Liberal Arts

  • Alexis Reekie

Academic Excellence in LGBTQ Studies

  • Avery Paez

Academic Excellence in Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Katlyn Barbaccia
  • Elise Barnathan

Peace Studies

Departmental Honors

  • Elise Barnathan
  • Emma Drake
  • Emma Everett
  • Roksana Gorgolewski
  • Mia Johnson
  • Haley Lilla
  • Anika Manuel
  • Berkana McDowell
  • Brianna Schatt
  • Madison Tittle
  • Eva Wong

Paul Delp Award in Peace Studies

  • Anika Manuel

Political Science

Departmental Honors

  • Alondra Alvarez
  • Samuel Andrus
  • Karsyn Aoki
  • Lyn Assadi
  • Marit Aurin
  • Katlyn Barbaccia
  • Rebecca Berkovits
  • Aarushi Bhaskaran
  • Dairian Bowles
  • Markos Buhler
  • Alyssa Castanon
  • Emma Charles
  • Peter Cline
  • Matthew Cotti
  • Nicole Drew
  • Brendan Falk
  • Kiana Favela
  • Allison Flame
  • Whitney Gassmann Mennes
  • Jacqueline Gilleland
  • Ariel Gries
  • Joy Joukhadar
  • Anika Manuel
  • Lily Martin
  • Isabella McDonald-Brent
  • Alexis Reekie
  • Katrina Riccardelli
  • Hagop “Hawk” Shahbazian
  • Cassidy Tran
  • Stephanie Yanes

Political Science Citizen-Scholar Award

  • Anika Manuel
  • Peter Cline

Political Science Top Scholar Award

  • Alexis Reekie


Departmental Honors

  • Katlyn Barbaccia
  • Lexi Hernandez
  • Joy Joukhadar
  • Sasha Lopez
  • Anna Mauldin
  • Zoe von Allmen

Sociology Award for Academic Excellence

  • Joy Joukhadar