Each fall semester the Wilkinson Student Advisory and Leadership Council runs a contest for Wilkinson College students to create a design for new Wilkinson stickers to distribute at college events and a student-designed Wilkinson-themed canvas tote to distribute on Earth Day.

This year we were flooded with amazing artwork. Thank you to everyone that participated!

Below are the student winners, their artwork, and a little bit about how they envisioned Wilkinson College as the heart and soul of Chapman University.

Daisy Fernandez-Reyes ’25 Peace Studies
Wilkinson-themed sticker
“As the heart and soul of Chapman, Wilkinson College introduces its student perspectives to the constantly shifting and changing world around them. Wilkinson facilitates growth through communication, collaboration, expression, and conversation. I have yet to witness or participate in a conversation without a greeting. A peace sign is friendly, welcoming, and, most importantly, it’s a start.”


Gabi Fischthal ’26 History minor
Wilkinson-themed Earth Day canvas tote
My design, which is Pete the Panther hugging the Earth, is meant to exemplify how Wilkinson College and Chapman students at large care for the Earth. At Wilkinson, there is a specific care that is often connected to liberal arts students and faculty, which generally connects to an intimate understanding of the importance of our home, Earth. Showing Pete the Panther in a way that is beyond Chapman, connects to the ideals the university holds in regards to being global citizens of the world.”


Blake Fuller ’26 Graphic Design
Wilkinson-themed sticker
I wanted to create a sticker that stayed true to the spirit of Wilkinson. Wilkinson is known for innovation, and I wanted to use the Chapman Window of Opportunity in a new way.”



Juliet Holmboe ’27 Graphic Design
Wilkinson-themed sticker
This sticker celebrates Wilkinson College along with its hometown of Orange. Its use of red and white stays true to Chapman’s colors. This sticker was inspired by the stickers found on fruit, as one might find on an orange.”



Levi Ramirez Garcia ‘26 Political Science
Wilkinson-themed sticker
“The lines within the heart symbolize every student and their unique diversity. The heart shape embodies the classic phrase ‘heart and soul,’ with each line also reflecting the soul of every student.”



Ryann Sax ’26 Creative and Cultural Industries minor
Wilkinson-themed sticker
“My design uses cartoons and elements of realistic and non-realistic fun! The colors and contrast are designed in a way that highlights all aspects of the earth.”

“I am so honored to have my design chosen for Earth Day 2024! Being a Wilkinson College student has allowed me to pursue my passion of art and take pride in my creative work. I am so thankful for this opportunity and glad I can make a contribution to Chapman University.” – Ryann Sax. 

Eliza Wenger ’23 English Literature
Wilkinson-themed Earth Day canvas tote and sticker
My design consists of paper-designed animals, a nod to the humanities while also bringing in the Earth Day theme. I aimed to showcase Wilkinson’s commitment to Earth Day by including these animals and acknowledging them as important creatures to our lives.
(Pictured above in header)

I included “the heart and soul” in my design to acknowledge Wilkinson’s motto. The circular nature of the design is not only symbolic of the revolving nature of society around the humanities, but is also conveniently shaped for printing.”

“I had so much fun designing for the Wilkinson College design contest! I took inspiration from how our knowledge acquired from books, art, song, and other areas of the humanities are much of how we construct our knowledge of the world, hence the animals being made of paper! It’s an honor to have my design shared and I hope to see people sporting Wilkinson gear soon!”