The IETL Instructional Video Studio is a space where faculty can record and enhance their lessons and the classroom learning experience in unique and innovative ways. Inside the space, faculty can use the green screen, LearningGlass, or even create a traditional video without these technologies.

According to this article from University Business about instructional video development, here are 5 tips for creating better instructional videos:

1. Make sure the video has a specific purpose that is related to the learning objectives of the course. 

It’s always a good idea to draft a script or highlight key talking points before you begin recording. This will allow you to better focus on the objective of the video while recording.

2. Use video to establish a presence for the instructor by introducing the faculty member at the beginning of the course.

Creating an introduction video at the beginning of the course is a great way to build rapport and community with your students. 

3. Create video segments of no more than six minutes each.

Engagement decreases drastically when a video goes past the six minute mark. Keep it short!

4. Add interactive elements to the video, such as a quiz or recorded discussion board. 

Here is a video of our own Chapman faculty member, Matt Gartner, providing a brief tutorial via screencast on how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. Please also note that Adobe Creative Cloud and downloaded apps are available to all faculty, PC or Mac, with a valid/active Chapman university email account. 

5. Make sure the video is accessible to all students.

Captioning your videos is always a great practice in order to meet the needs of all learners. 

To read the user documentation for the studio and learn more about how it can help your teaching, see the IETL Instructional Video Studio User Guide.

To make an appointment in the IETL Instructional Video Studio, visit our Calendly Booking System.