Name: Phateka Malahleha

Position: Creative Development Intern

Company: Skydance

Degree: Joint MBA & MFA in Film and TV Producing ‘24

What excites you about this internship/company/job?

When applying, this internship felt like the perfect next step for me. I had been wanting to learn more about what it takes to makes a successful film/tv show from the studio perspective and that all starts with development. Additionally, the internship allowed me the opportunity to work in both TV development to features development, which is a unique opportunity. I was also told that the internship included additional learning opportunities such as pitch classes and sessions with various executives which really excited me.

How did you strategize landing this internship/job?

I thoroughly researched the company prior to submitting my application so I could highlight certain aspects of my knowledge and background that I hoped would stand out to the recruiters. Once I had been interviewed, I sent thank you notes and follow up emails (in appropriate time) to show my interest and keep in touch with the recruiter.

Give students some career advice for anyone looking for an internship in this market (based on what you did):

If you’re aiming for a media company, it helps to be somewhat familiar with their content slate. It is likely to come up in conversation during interviews and your interest in the company seems more fervent if you’re in the know.  Also, this sounds typical, but so much of this process is out of your control so once you’ve put your best foot forward, let time do its thing. I only got offered this internship in the beginning of May, right before summer started, and at that point I was thinking ‘Ah well maybe it’s not meant to happen now’, but then it did. So keep going!