The Argyros School of Business and Economics is proud to present its General-in-Residence program, a unique and exciting opportunity for graduate business students to gain valuable insight and understanding of leadership and teamwork from an organizational management perspective. The inaugural class was led during Interterm 2023 by Lieutenant General (Retired) Michael L. Howard, who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom and was supported by Christopher Pagel ‘04 (MBA ‘06), Assistant Dean of Graduate Business Programs and Career Advancement at the Argyros School.

General Howard

General Howard is a distinguished military leader and veteran, having served in the United States Army for over 35 years. He has held various leadership positions including multiple Commanding General and Deputy Commanding General roles within the United States Army and has extensive experience leading operations impacting 100,000 service members across the globe. Howard has most recently supported the 4-Star Commanding General for EUCOM and SHAPE in managing crises related to the ongoing Russia and Ukraine conflict (2022), Afghanistan personnel evacuation (2021), and the Turkish-Syrian border crisis (2019).

Organizational Leadership

The course, BUS 696 Organizational Leadership, was designed for mid-level to upper-level managers and delves into the theories and practical applications of leadership and teamwork with built-in experiential learning and simulation exercises. It is part of the Argyros School’s ongoing efforts to emphasize the importance of leadership skills in the workplace, including soft skills, emotional intelligence (EQ), and more. The class discusses the critical role of leadership in running an organization, and students have the opportunity to analyze leadership and teamwork situations under pressure, formulate strategic plans, and develop their own skills. The course is not a lecture but discussion-based to promote a highly interactive experience for our students.

The General-in-Residence program at Chapman University is a unique and valuable opportunity for graduate students to gain a real-world understanding of corporate organizational leadership with the guidance of experienced instructors like General Michael L. Howard, who brings a wealth of experience from his time serving in the U.S. Army, and the opportunity to analyze and discuss real-world situations. We hope that students will enjoy the program and leave the course with the skills and knowledge needed to be influential leaders in any organization.


For more information on the General-in-Residence program, please contact our Graduate Business Programs team via our website or visit us in Beckman Hall 301.