Meet Tori Nguyen, your ASBE Senator for the 2023-2024 term! Tori is a Business Administration major and an Honors minor graduating in 2026.

Miss Nguyen is originally from nearby in Irvine, California – meaning that she is truly a local! She is grateful to have still had the opportunity and advantage of living in the dorms.

Tori first became interested in Chapman for many reasons, but the main one was “that the school is small enough to make an impact on.” She went on to say that she loves the intimacy of Chapman and appreciates a focused education.

Why Run for ASBE Senator?

Tori wanted to run for ASBE Senator because she loves being involved with leadership and making decisions. She was class president from middle school all the way through her high school years. She says “I knew that SGA was a place where I could feel comfortable making decisions about my constituents since it was the most concentrated on positively changing the lives of undergraduates.”

Miss Nguyen’s advice to those looking to hold some kind of leadership role on campus is to be confident. “Spread your personality with anyone you meet because you will never know if that person is likely to be connected or just as special as yourself. It is important to keep your poise and build a strong foundation so that when yo do choose to be a leader, you are backed with love and support.”

The Position

Being ASBE Senator not only means managing the budget for the Argyros School but also focusing on the undergraduate students themselves. Tori says “Lately, SGA has been implementing a new form to our budget which has been tough, but effective. We want what is best for the students. The best way to spend our money is through the wants of Chapman.”

Personally, Tori has been working closely with Dean Henrik Cronqvist to find some ‘wins’ for the 2023-2024 school year. She says that they want to “implement at least 2-3 wins that will soon be revealed! Our ideas involve business students picking classes, new mixers, and platforms to help accelerated graduation.”

What’s In Store

Tori hopes to accomplish “a meaning of representation within the business school.” She says “We are such a large class that it is hard to stay connected between all of us, especially of different ages, minors, and emphases. I want all of us to make the change together. Communicating with my constituents throughout the year is my main goal.”

Tori urges Argyros students to reach out to her at or schedule a time to meet with her if they have any ideas or concerns about the 2023-2024 school year. “I am here for you as much as I am a business student myself. What is my success is also yours!”