Malia Studt graduated from Chapman University in 2019 with a degree in Strategic and Corporate communication and Business administration with an emphasis in International Business. She currently owns her own business called Social Media Watch and works for Better Mortgage as a loan consultant associate. Join Malia on LinkedIn:

What do your jobs entail?

For my own company, Social Media Watch, I utilize social media platforms to help clients connect with their target audience, build their brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic to align with company goals. I also create, design, and execute social media campaigns and marketing programs to facilitate new leads and improve sales conversion. As a loan consultant associate for Better Mortgage, I build a pipeline of customers to guide through the mortgage application and home buying experience. I help understand client needs and goals to select the best interest rate unique to their financial situation. 

Tell us about your job search process. 

I graduated a semester early back in December 2019 thinking I was going to work for Expedia as a Market Associate for Lodging Partner Services with a signed job offer ready to go for May. Unexpectedly, no one saw a widespread pandemic coming and they rescinded all pending job offers. While applying for new jobs I saw an opportunity to create my own business in the meanwhile doing social media for insurance agents. At the time, I thought it would just be my side hustle coupled with whatever “grown up job I found” but it’s proven to be much bigger than that. Although I am just starting to see rapid growth, word of mouth and results spread quick. I’m looking to grow my business further and am recruiting students who were once in my shoes to help.

How did your intern and work experience during your time at Chapman benefit you?

During my time at Chapman, I had 1 job and 2 internships that helped me prepare for my future careers. I wanted to gain as much work experience as possible to see what I liked and learn the difference between applying what you learn to the real world versus applying it to a classroom paper. The first job I had was freshman year as a Sales Associate at Athleta. Here I learned how to generate sales and brand loyalty by expanding upon visual merchandising and community outreach to connect company values and practices with the public. My sophomore year I studied abroad in a Spanish- speaking only homestay to learn more about intercultural communication and immerse myself in situations new to me. Junior year, I had an internship with an international advertising company called Stories. Here I created content for advertising campaigns and conducted storyboard concept and storyline research to pitch abroad. Lastly, going into senior year summer I secured a job with Expedia as a Market Associate where I effectively consulted with over 500 hotel partners to build strategic relationships and secure competitive rates. Collectively, all this participation helped me get to where I am today. 

How has your School of Communication degree benefited you in your career? 

The School of Communication benefited my career as it serves as a crossroad between communications and management, bridging together the strategies that comprise communication theory and organizational theory to enhance company missions and goals. The most important classes I took were message design and organizational communication.