Anna Turkisher graduated from Chapman University in 2018 with a degree in Strategic and Corporate Communication and a minor in Music, with a Vocal performance emphasis. She is currently employed at Expa as an office manager and commercial singer. 

What does your job entail? 

I help support a team of entrepreneurs & tech professionals in a studio for startups that create & launch new ideas & companies. I am constantly learning new things and pushing myself to explore a variety of industries within this company. This job also allows me to pursue my passion for music and performance as I can audition through my agency for various projects during the week. 

Tell us about your job search process

Networking was very important for my job search process. SCC classes that required me to update my LinkedIn profile, learn about professionals in my industry, and create a strong resume gave me the tools to get a job out of college. I made informational phone calls to Chapman Alumni to learn about their process, went to coffee with people already in the industry to get advice, and utilized the Chapman Career Center. 

Did you acquire intern experience during your time at Chapman and how was that experience?

Yes, I knew I wanted to work in music and music business to learn about both sides of the industry, so I worked internships that allowed me insight and guidance on how to get there. I worked at a Talent Management internship, Public Relations in music internship, and at a music festival startup that was both local and international. Some of my internships were local to OC and others were in LA. These internships gave me work experience while I was still in school and allowed me to obtain my first job out of college in Digital & Theatrical Talent Management. My internship in management at my time at Chapman allowed me to land this job with the help of networking tools provided by my classes. After a year in Talent Management, I decided I missed the performance side and wanted to try out something new. I landed a job at my current position partly because of my experience at the startup internship. This was something on my resume I never thought I’d use but ended up being so beneficial. I also was able to sign to a Talent Agency for music & commercial performance work while balancing my current position. All these small choices I made at Chapman to get involved ended up being so valuable in the long run. 

Why did you choose Chapman University and the School of Communication? 

I entered Chapman as a Vocal Performance Major which I loved but realized I wanted to have a business background that was useful in various industries. The type of jobs I wanted matched the SCC major, so I switched to a minor in music and made SCC my major. I was able to take econ classes as well as communication classes that prepared me for various people-facing jobs, which I always knew I wanted to do. 

How has your School of Communication degree benefited you in your career? 

Classes like Mass Communication that brought in working professionals who told their stories, gave advice, and provided direct connections was beneficial during my time at Chapman. As an SCC major you also have the option to take an internship that puts immediate experience on your resume and makes you feel more confident exiting college. I use knowledge from my major every day during my job, whether I realize it or not. Chapman’s classes and experiences shaped me as a working professional today.