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What Do Aquariums Teach Jobseekers During a Pandemic? You Can Attract Employers by Displaying Your Work

April 3, 2020 by | Career Advice

During this stay-at-home period of the pandemic, we know aquariums, museums, and opera houses can’t fill their IRL venues. But that doesn’t stop them from reaching out and attracting visitors. Curators and marketers figured out how to fill the minds of their prospective audiences. They have gone online with impressive displays of their exhibits, collections,

Are You Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn Recommendations? Attract internship and job offers with LinkedIn Recommendations!

January 31, 2020 by | Career Advice

  On your LinkedIn profile, Recommendations have a unique purpose. Recommendations can publicly praise your soft skills, authentic traits, and personal values. These insights and endorsements about your character create a favorable message about you as a person, which is impossible to do in any other section of your profile. Consider that 85% of jobs

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