In January 2017 Chapman University admitted its first cohort of twenty five students into the Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant (PA) program. Since January these twenty five students have been immersed in an intensive academic curriculum. Even so, many students dedicated extra time to participate in community outreach and in promoting the PA program.  One such student is Vivian Acevedo, a graduate of Crean College B.S. Health Science program.  Vivian credits her success to the dedicated faculty of Crean College, the Chapman family atmosphere, and to her family.  Vivian comes from a small family of four.  She has lived in Orange County her whole life.  Even though her parents are small business owners, they have always supported her decision to become a PA.

As a PA student, Vivian has been involved with the Coalition of Community Health Centers.  Recently, she participated in a panel discussion bringing awareness to The National Health Service Corps and Teaching Health Centers programs in the community.  Vivian brought the student perspective to the value of these programs.  She stated that these programs are beneficial to students because, “…it not only guarantees students who are in these programs jobs after graduation, but it benefits the community as well.”  Vivian also works with the PA Admissions Assistant, Priscilla Campos, at grad fairs.  Ms. Campos stated that Vivian’s presentations are “a draw to future PA students as she gives them the perspective students crave.  Vivian is an engaging speaker…She is an incredible asset to grad fairs.”

PA Director of Academic Education, Graham Danyleyko, commented on why he is so dedicated to the education of PA students like Vivian.  “This is one of the reasons I left medical practice to teach PA students, to be able to bring amazing young people and students like Vivian into healthcare with the benefit of the PA faculty’s breadth of experience and knowledge.  She is a selfless, caring, emerging leader that Chapman is blessed to have…”

Chapman University’s PA program is highly competitive.  Students often ask Program Director, Robert Young, what they can do to gain entrance.  He advises prospective PA students to, “be patient and persistent in your pursuit of getting accepted… Always look for ways to improve your application. Understand the true roles and responsibilities of a PA.”

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