In anticipation of our student-produced awards Show, the Cecil Awards, our faculty has voted on the list of graduates’ thesis films.  Check out the full list of nominations from each program here!

Congratulations again to all the nominees!  We’ll have a list of the winners on Monday, 5/21.

Don’t forget, as with most of our major screening events, the Cecil Awards will be live streamed, for those who can’t make it.  Tune your browsers in for the full show, even from afar!


Best Production Design – Undergraduate

  • Joseph Carnegie for “Skillman’s Grippe”
  • Yoojin Chung for “Water on Mars”
  • Maya Levy for “Brother”
  • Eduardo Lopes for “Picture. Perfect.”


Best Production Design – Graduate

  • Suzanne Bertrand for “The Split”
  • Brendan O’Connor for “Hunch”
  • Brendan O’Connor for “The Devout”


Best Sound Design – Undergraduate

  • Ben Cole for “Chester Briggins’ Magic Blood”
  • John DiGiacomo for “Boom Box Kids”
  • Hayden Dingman for “Water on Mars”
  • Greg Fonda for “The Dinner”
  • Greg Fonda for “Tears”


Best Sound Design – Graduate

  • Chris Mastellone for “The Devout”
  • Nader Owies for “Amos”
  • Rockie Stephens for “Paulina”
  • Affan Taner for “Dead Hearts”
  • Andres de la Torre for “Hunch”


Best Editor – Undergraduate

  • Nikola Boyanov for “Disclosure”
  • Tiffany Melvin for “Picture. Perfect.”
  • Kevin Neynaber for “Boom Box Kids”
  • Andy Gress for “Brother”
  • Kira Tamagawa for “Falling Up”


Best Editor – Graduate

  • Frank Martinez for “Paulina”
  • Jonathan Melin for “Hunch”
  • Zack Wilson for “The Split”
  • Nader Owies for “Amos”
  • Affan Taner for “Dead Hearts”


Best Cinematography – Undergraduate

  • Greg Cotten for “Brother”
  • Greg Cotten for “Tears”
  • Andrew Finch for “Picture. Perfect.”
  • Garrett Smith for “Water on Mars”
  • Ryan Walton for “Disclosure”


Best Cinematography – Graduate

  • Ryan Broomberg for “Shade of Blue”
  • Matt Diamond for “Dead Hearts”
  • Scotty Field for “The Devout”
  • David Rivera Rojas for “Paulina”
  • Kai Saul for “Hunch”


PR Campaign of the Year

  • Recreating the Road to Treasures: A Public Relations Campaign for Laura’s House of Treasures by Lindsay Anderson, Lindsay Knight, Rebecca Ogden, Christina Shaw, Amanda Vo
  • Refresh: Acacia Wellness Center by Alana Long, Ryan Massey, Beatrice Rosu, Sarah Shulman, Chaz Silva, Lillian Wojcik
  • Environmental Nature Center: Celebrating 40 Years of Bringing Nature and the Community Together by Katie Barnum, Fallon Geiger, Abigail Lucas, Jessica Mitchell, Kendall Valenstein
  • Crystal Cove Alliance Art Council: A Public Relations Campaign by Jessica Kelly, Ian Lausa, Casey McAdams, Jorgi Paul, Stephanie Roy, Victor Yu
  • Camp Fire USA: Be the Spark that Lights Camp Fire by Barbara Badalian, Kelly Griffiths, Simi Kamboj, Ian MacDonald, Tara Skipper, Kristin Soo Hoo


Ad Campaign of the Year

  • “Extra Credit” Campaign. Bank of America. Developed by Continuum. Myles Scovill, Rachele Dekofski, Lindsey Delamater, and Patrick Quinn
  •  “Redefining Opportunity” Campaign. Bank of America. Developed by Full Spectrum. Greg Balkin, Kayla Glass, Bayleigh Radovich, and Maxime Gheysens
  •  “Invest in You” Campaign. Echo Advertising. Lexi Vanni, Taryn Langton, Sean Funkhouser, and Emily Weisenberger
  •  “Untie” Campaign. Zipz Shoes. Developed by Ellipsis. Vinnie Finn, Arielle Gamble, Morgan Ryan, and Stephen Jepson
  •  “Your Sole. Your Style.” Zipz Shoes. Developed by Ad-Vantage. Selina Steward, Oliver Kosa-Somogyi, Erin Miller, Peter Gould


Best Commercial

  • Just Like Home “Staybridge” – Nicolas Wendl, Zak Griffler, Aylin Guzel, Francesco Onorati, Kelsey Gillespie
  • Dole “Fruity” – Nathan Olivas, Alex Quinion, Christina Chakar, Hayden Boal
  • M.A.D.D. “You only get one shot at life” – Tim Marks, Byron Marin, Liz Paffenbarger, Morgan Irons, Jason Cunningham
  • America’s Best Eyeglasses – Topher Lum, Nathan Worden, Rachael Morello, Deanna Blanchet, Eliot Spaulding
  • “The Rest Just Dream” – Chelsea Freitas, Rachael Morello, Eric Davies, Tim Kressin, Chris Cresci


Entertainment Marketing Plan

  • Damon – Amanda Vo
  • Jolly B. Fierce – Kate Eglen
  • Titans of Newark – Adam Fishbein
  • Tailings – Lillian Wojcik
  • East of Kensington – Lexi Vanni


Excellence in Producing – Undergraduate  

  • Eric Davies
  • Hilary Hendler
  • Kiri Kraatz
  • Kate Lilly
  • Bryan Mosko


Excellence in Producing – Graduate

  • Ayelet Bick
  • Samer Imam
  • Doug Landers
  • Raisa Machado
  • Winsor Yuan


Accomplishments in Screen Acting

  • Conor Brown
  • Maddie Johnson
  • Matt Gallenstein
  • Elyse Russell
  • Sam Weiner


Outstanding Film Scholar

  • Erin Hatch, “Movies at Home and on the Streets: Film Merchandizing and Children’s Film in 1930s Hollywood”
  • Scott Rancher, “Demons, Dragons, Pigs and Wizards: Masculine Heroes and Altered Gender Roles in Hayao Miyazaki’s Animated Films”
  • Norma Rodriguez, “The Representation and Identity Construction of Contemporary Native Americans in the Films of Chris Eyre”


Best TV Script

  • 30 ROCK “On Ice” written by Garrett Snook
  • BREAKING BAD  “A New Mexico” written by Joshua Murray and Mark Westman
  • GLEE “Back-Ups” written by Lyvia A. Martinez
  • PARENTHOOD “What Goes Around Comes Around” written by Skylar Harrison
  • TWO CLOSE “Pilot” written by Shana Wilensky


Best Film Screenplay

  • ORANGE DISSECTION by Timothy Barkwill
  • BAND OF ZOMBIES by Michael Coppedge
  • MIRETTE ON THE HIGHWIRE by Hillary Cunin
  • WHISPERS OF SANTO TOMAS by Anthony Felix
  • NEMESIS by Jennifer Luetkehans


Best Achievement in Animation              

  • TAILED – Madison Bollay
  • LIGHTS OUT – Kyle Storms, Alex Renshaw
  • GREEN ACRES – James Beck
  • BLUE – Katelyn Bianchini, Rena Cheng, Asia Lancaster
  • CUPID  – Emily Unruh


Best Achievement in Visual Effects

  • KALEIDESCOPE – Austin Page
  • BROTHER – Chris Rickard
  • GAUNTLET – Ben Smith, Jeff Belgum, Katlan Merrill
  • AXLE – Lauren Gragg
  • LIGHT ME UP – Derek Dolechek, Ryan Walton


Mir Tukhi Award

  • Chas Boule’
  • Maria “Majo” Mansilla
  • Matt Prichard
  • Katie Chilson
  • Taylor Neville


Best Director – Undergraduate

  • Winston Tao for “Picture. Perfect.”
  • RJ Collins  for “Falling Up”
  • William Mullan for “Disclosure”
  • Taylor Gledhill for “Boom Box Kids”
  • Chase Smith for “Water on Mars”


Best Director – Graduate

  • Caylee So for “Paulina”
  • Andreas Chalikias for “Dead Hearts”
  • Mairin Hart for “The Devout”
  • Blake Heiss for “The Split”
  • Ryan Phillips for “Hunch”


Best Documentary

  • “Bittersweet” – Directed by Peter Bicknell and Andrew Kappel; Produced by Peter Bicknell, Andrew Kappel, Amanda Singer, Emily Manheim, Carly Berryhill
  • “Breathe Life” – Directed by Matt Jekowsky, Samantha Andre, and Carly Berryhill
  • “Humble The Poet” – Directed by Brendan Nahmias and Ruth Paul
  • “My Name Is Sarah Maple” – Directed by Tyler Gurd; Produced by Ariel Fisher
  • “There Is No Place For You Here” – Directed by Samuel Price-Waldman, Ruby Stocking, Elliott Balsley, Ravi Lloyd, and Haley Quartarone


Best Narrative Television Show

  • THE CASTING COUCH  (created by Austin Langley)
  • THE EX-COUPLE  (created by Mark Liu)
  • HELP WANTED  (created by Matthew Ritter)
  • LEX IS MORE  (created by Alessandra Maman)
  • TWO CLOSE  (created by Shana Wilensky)


Best Non-Narrative Television Show

  • Marry Me Bridal – Reality Pilot – Maria Cruz, Jenna Go, Dan Duran, Liz Hartnett, Rachel Tilghman Producers
  • Chapman News – Maria Mansilla, Chas Boule’, Mark Liu Producers
  • 2Day with J&J – Webisode Series – Jessica Carroll Producer
  • The OC Bucket List – PantherVision TV Series – Samantha Andre, Margot Czeropski Producers
  • Chapman News Sports Special – Trenton Schlom, Joe Fann Producers


Best Picture – Undergraduate

  • “Boom Box Kids”
  • “Brother”
  • “Disclosure”
  • “Falling Up”
  • “Picture. Perfect.”


Best Picture – Graduate

  • “Amos”
  • “Dead Hearts”
  • “The Devout”
  • “Hunch”
  • “Paulina”

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