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Behind the Scenes with Huell, part II

Observations from Ryan Morris, Huell’s assistant Huell wasn’t into “Where Are They Now?” segments, though we once discussed interviewing fitness guru Jack LaLanne to see what we could only assume would be a closet full of spandex bodysuits. Huell disliked celebrity, although another ill-fated idea involved interviewing Nick Nolte about his beloved pet crows at  Continue Reading »

Behind the Scenes with Huell, Part I

Observations from Ryan Morris, Huell’s assistant Huell’s best ideas were serendipitous. When Huell wasn’t scouring newspapers and magazines, he was leafing through letters and emails from viewers, not just looking for show ideas but for hidden gems. A hidden gem could only come from uncharted territory, preferably out of left field, but it couldn’t feel  Continue Reading »

How to Use the Huell Howser Archive

Search for favorite episodes by entering key words in the search box. You can also look at episodes by series topic, such as Missions, Palm Springs or Water. Or, you can search by episode title or episode number. The video archives are still being revised and updated. If you notice a problem, please leave a  Continue Reading »

Join Us to Celebrate “A Golden Legacy”

Few people have captured the heart and soul of California like Huell Howser and his “California’s Gold” television series. We invite you to honor that amazing accomplishment at a very special celebration, Friday, February 8, 2013, beginning at 2 p.m. at Chapman University in the City of Orange. This “Golden Legacy” event will include artwork  Continue Reading »

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