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Tag Archives: Downtown L.A.

Adult School – Hot Summer Nights (06)

Huell Howser visits the Evans Adult School in downtown Los Angeles, California. The Evans Adult School provides education to over 10,000 international students who desire to learn the English language and receive an education in various other subjects.

Cuban Music – Hot Summer Nights (01)

Huell Howser enjoys a night of of authentic Cuban music and culture at California Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

Union Bank – Our Neighborhoods (15)

Join Huell Howser as he tours the many floors of the historic Union Bank building in Downtown Los Angeles, California (8th and Hill St.).

Flower Market – Our Neighborhoods (10)

Huell Howser explores the beautiful Flower Market of downtown Los Angeles.

St. Vincent Court – Our Neighborhoods (07)

Huell Howser explores a hidden gem in downtown Los Angeles called St. Vincent Court. Join Huell as he visits the variety of shops in a hidden alleyway by 7th and Broadway of Downtown Los Angeles.

Evans Adult School-Downtown (103)

As the new Downtown series continues, Huell visits the Evans Community Adult School and meets students eager to learn. 2006

Art Walk-Downtown (102)

Huell checks out the exploding art scene in downtown LA as he visits several galleries during the monthly downtown “art walk.” The second Thursday of every month in downtown Los Angeles.  12pm to 9pm 2006

St. Vibiana’s- Visiting (926)

In this one-hour special, Huell tours the Cathedral of St. Vibiana, one of Los Angeles’ most important 19th century buildings. Once the seat of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, construction nears completion of a new headquarters, and a new future for St. Vibiana’s awaits. Huell learns about the past and the future of the cathedral as  Continue Reading »

Shrine Auditorium- Visiting (809)

Join Huell as he gets a guided tour of the world famous Shrine Auditorium, home of many Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy Awards shows. From early Shriner history, to the glorious 1926 four ton, 20 ft. diameter chandelier which features more than 500 red, white, blue, and amber lights (that’s over 48,000 watts). To the 1926  Continue Reading »

City Hall- Visiting (707)

Join Host Huell Howser as he gets a bottom to top tour of the earthquake retrofit that is going on in our most famous building – City Hall. We’ll get to see parts of the building that are rarely seen, from the new stabilizers in the basement to the bell on the observation deck. There  Continue Reading »