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Murals- Visiting (738)

Huell visits a local elementary school to join a group of 5th graders on a field trip to some of Los Angeles’s many murals. Along for the ride is the artist himself to discuss his art with the children. All in all it’s a great LA day! 1999

Biltmore Hotel- Visiting (625)

Huell starts our day with a tour of the magnificent Regal Biltmore Hotel, which has been a part of Los Angeles since it opened in 1923. The Biltmore has housed numerous celebrities and every American President that has been in office since it opened. After our tour Huell attends the 75th anniversary gala that is  Continue Reading »

Metrolink- Visiting (603)

Huell ran into a very nice lady in a camera store who told him how much she enjoyed riding the Metrolink every day and invited him to come along. Huell and Luis ride from Montclair to L.A. and meet some wonderful people along the way.  1998

Statues- Visiting (522)

Huell takes a tour of some of the oldest, quirkiest, most loved, and hated statues in Los Angeles. Join us and learn about some of our most overlooked treasures.  1997

Water Court Plaza- The Bench (016)

Huell meets a variety of folks at the Water Court at California Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles.

Library Plaza- Visiting (319)

Huell takes a look at the Central Library Garden which is right in front of the beautiful downtown Los Angeles library. This garden has a long and rich history, and has grown to be a landmark.  1995

Angels Flight- Visiting (223)

Huell looks at the history of Angels Flight and learns about the plans to re-build. 1994

L.A. Adventures- California’s Gold (206)

Huell’s adventure begins at the La-Brea Tar Pits and continues through a futuristic-looking theme room restaurant at LAX; then find every conceivable food item, from fruit to cactus leaves, at the bustling Grand Central Market in downtown. Next, we locate a buried bridge on the campus of UCLA, and watch a harvesting of grapefruit from  Continue Reading »