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Regional Solutions for Local Needs- California’s Water (113)

Local and regional water agencies play a major role in meeting water needs. Get a close look at how local agencies and communities are joining forces to improve their water supplies and better prepare for growth and droughts.  2007  View Post

Desalting Water- California’s Water (108)

Huell tours a desalination plant to understand how removing salt from seawater is increasingly seen as a viable way to “drought-proof” communities and reduce their dependence on imported water.  2006

Eastside Reservoir- California’s Water (002)

Huell travels to the new Eastside Reservoir, four miles southwest of Hemet. Forced by increasing population and the need to reduce our toll on the Colorado River, the Metropolitan Water District undertook this project to protect us in the event of drought or earthquakes. One of the largest construction projects in American history, the new reservoir will  Continue Reading »

Liquid Art- Road Trip with Huell Howser (114)

In this Road Trip, Huell Howser gets more than his feet we as he visits artists honored by the Metropolitian Water District for their creative depictions of water in public spaces. Stops include: Blue Line Oasis in Compton, Water Conservation Garden in El Cajon, Wall Gazing Gallery in Fullerton, and Music Center Fountain in Los  Continue Reading »