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Refrigerators-California’s Green (136)

Huell goes on a “green” adventure to find out how all those old refrigerators that get thrown away each day are recycled. We’ll follow an old fridge from a home all the way through the entire process. 2011    

Home Deconstruction- California’s Green (123)

Huell visits the ReUse People, an organization dedicated to salvaging building materials for reuse. Working with a network of contractors, they have “deconstructed” and salvaged hundreds of buildings while diverting more than two hundred thousand tons of usable building materials from landfills. 2006

Computer Recycling (117)-California’s Green

Huell tags along with ease e-waste, a company devoted to recycling computers and other items considered electronic waste. As the rate of obsolesce of electronic equipment increases, so does the need for environmentally-friendly disposal. 2005

Car Crusher-California’s Green (102)

Huell shows us the massive equipment used to crush old cars. It’s an important step in recycling the 450,000 vehicles taken off the road In Southern California each year. 2004

Recycled Paint and Carpet-California’s Green (109)

Amazon Environmental Inc. to see how they recycle and reuse paint and their relationship with Dunn-Edwards Paints. Also a visit to the Vernon plant for Los Angeles Fiber Inc. to see how they recycle carpet and other fibers. 2004

Glasses- California’s Green (111)

Huell’s off to Hermosillo, Mexico to see firsthand one of California’s most innovative and successful recycling efforts. What do you do with your old eyeglasses? Well, members of the Lions Club have an answer because for years they’ve been collecting and taking glasses to people around the world who need them. Huell goes along with  Continue Reading »

Methane-California’s Green (113)

A visit to the Methane Digester at the Straus Dairy. 2004