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Little Ethiopia – Our Neighborhoods (02)

Huell Howser spends the day on the 1000 block of Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California in Little Ethiopia. Join Huell Howser as he visits various Ethiopian owned shops and restaurants.

Juice Bar Update- Visiting (1405)

Huell revisits the family owned juice Juice Fountain, which is threatened by the redevopment of Hollywood Blvd and Vine St. 2006

Munch Box- Visiting (1033)

Huell visits The Munch Box in Chatsworth, a popular burger stand that has been around since 1956 and is now officially a historic-cultural landmark. 21532 Devonshire St. Chatsworth, CA 818-998-9240 2003

Pig’n Whistle- Visiting (909)

Right next to the old Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd., this classic diner has been restored to its former glory. Huell is joined by the new owner, members from the LA Conservancy, Hollywood Heritage, as well as a few old timers – who remember it from way back when. Hollywood really is making a comeback.  Continue Reading »

Garden Grove- Visiting (921)

There’s lots going on Friday nights in downtown Garden Grove. Huell strolls along Main Street admiring the many hot rods lined up for their weekly outing, and pops into the markets and restaurant that make this location such a popular, family-friendly destination for residents. 2001

L.A. Times Kitchen- Visiting (833)

The Los Angeles Times is a huge newspaper with millions of copies going out each day. With hundreds of employees working around the clock, its no surprise that the LA Times has a pretty exciting kitchen. Join Huell as he gets a behind the scenes tour of this little seen part of our city’s culinary  Continue Reading »

Olvera Street Food- Visiting (518)

Huell goes to six different restaurants in L.A. for KCET’s June pledge drive. Try ’em: Olvera St. Juanita’s (213) 628-1013 and La Luz Del Dia (213) 628-7495  1997

Canter’s- Visiting (125)

This is a delicious program about the famed delicatessen on Fairfax Avenue where the waitresses average 30 years of employment and tell the patrons what to eat.  1993