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Coit Tower- California’s Gold (12004)

Coit Tower was built on top of Telegraph Hill in 1933 at the bequest of Lillie Hitchcock Coit to beautify the City of San Francisco; Lillie bequeathed one-third of her estate to the City of San Francisco “to be expended in an appropriate manner for the purpose of adding to the beauty of the city  Continue Reading »

Farallon Island- California’s Gold (144)

Huell spends the day with the biologists who live on the Farallon Islands and learns about this wild and beautiful place which is just a group of islands and rocks found 27 miles off the coast of San Francisco, known as California’s Galapagos, they make up the The Farallon National Wildlife Refuge. These wild and  Continue Reading »

Crissy Field- California’s Golden Coast (101)

In the premiere episode of California’s Golden Coast, Huell learns about an inspiring success story. Located at the Presidio in San Francisco, once a U.S. Army outpost and cornerstone of military operations on the West Coast, Crissy Field became the most significant site of aviation development in the western United States in the early part  Continue Reading »

Half Moon Bay- Road Trip (121)

Half Moon Bay rests on the Pacific Coast between forested hills and some of the most beautiful coastlines that California has to offer, and is located approximately 25 miles south of San Francisco. Join Huell as he visits this charming community. 2003

Mattress- California’s Gold (4013)

Join Huell Howser as he visits the McRoskey Airflex Mattress Company in San Francisco. The McRoskey family has been manufacturing mattresses since 1899 and they still make them in much the same way as they did back then — and they are all assembled by hand. The McRoskeys have even keep a record of every mattress sold  Continue Reading »

Windmills- California’s Gold (3012)

The first stop on our adventure is the Dutch Windmill in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, which was built in 1902, at a cost of $16,000. It is 75 feet high, and 33 feet in diameter at the base, is sails have a span of 102 feet and it was capable of pumping 30,000 gallons  Continue Reading »

Pyramid- California’s Gold (3004)

Join Huell as he learns about the sometimes-controversial history of this California landmark and gets a very special tour, including a vertigo-inducing trip to the very top if the spire which is set against the San Francisco skyline… We are talking about the The Transamerica Building, one of the most distinctive structures on the globe. With  Continue Reading »

San Francisco Cemeteries- California’s Gold (2008)

San Francisco is a city of many distinctions, but few are as intriguing as the history of its cemeteries. As the 19th century came to a close in San Francisco, a movement some say a real estate scheme began to remove all buried remains from within the city. After many ordinances, acts and decrees, cemeteries  Continue Reading »

Hidden Alcatraz- California’s Gold (1002)

Most of us have seen one of the countless films based on Alcatraz, from the Birdman to Clint Eastwood and his Escape From Alcatraz. Over a million people every year take the ferry through the thick San Francisco fog to walk the cell blocks that housed the likes of Machine Gun Kelley and Al Capone.  Continue Reading »

Japanese Garden- California’s Gold (712)

It’s the oldest Japanese-style garden in the United States. Located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, the Japanese Tea Garden has been part of that city’s landscape for over one hundred years. In this episode of “California’s Gold” host Huell Howser strolls through the serene garden enjoying its paths and bridges and flowering cherry  Continue Reading »