On January 1st, 2021, Chapman University implemented a new Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Schedule, which is that all Zoom Cloud recordings will expire 120 days after recording, meaning that they will be moved to your Trash folder on the Zoom Cloud.  Your Zoom recordings will be automatically copied into Microsoft OneDrive as well as to your Panopto My Folder > Meeting Recordings folder. Any recordings posted to Canvas after the fall 2020 semester should contain links that point to Panopto or OneDrive as described below. 

Recordings moved to the Zoom Trash will be permanently deleted after 30 days.  Click here for more information about recovering items from the Zoom Trash.   

Note:  You must download the recording to your computer immediately after restoring deleted items, or they will get purged again. 

Alternatives for longterm retention 


Panopto is Chapman University’s lecture capture system, and faculty will see their Zoom recordings automatically stored in the systemIn Canvas, click on Panopto Video from the left-hand link list, and in the search box, open the Meeting Recordings folder under My Folder. These recordings remain private until you share them.  

Please contact edutech@chapman.edu if you do not see your past recordings.   

Microsoft OneDrive 

IS&T is implementing a new service that will automatically back up your recordings on a nightly basis to your Microsoft OneDrive. This service will help protect against unintended deletion of old recordings.  Click here for more information and to opt-out of automatic uploads if desired.